Saturday, 31 July 2010

Not as expected

My week off wasnt as expected.  On Monday I went to the beach with a good friend.  I live right near the beach but you still need a car really.  So off we went parked up on the road, for free.  We had made a packed lunch.  My friend treated me to an icecream.

On Tuesday a friend come over and I looked after her little one for a while when she went to an interview.

On Wednesday I did a little housework - actually I did a little each day,  I also went for a walk.  Slimming world in the evening.

Thursday as planned took my dad to the hospital.

Friday had to pop to the eye hospital as I had something in my eye.  Had a chinese takeaway for dinner.

Today I had a day out to Sherborne castle it was very nice to £9.50 to get in each and miles of gardens.  Good value for money actually.

Thats my week off and as I had hardly any money it was on the cheap and I enjoyed it.  Back to work next week zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

A week off

Well I have this week off - not a problem you would think.  However, I get paid on Thursday and until then I have a tenner.  I only have that as I have taken some money from my "nice things account".

Luckily I have an Ing account with 9 pots so far, they range from clothing account to emergency and come in handy.  I also have a holiday account and a car and Christmas account.

I took this week off to spend time with my daughter as she is 21 next Saturday.  I was going to take her to a Spa.  However, she decided to go travelling for a while and is in Australia.  I am pleased for her.  We will go to a Spa when she comes back.  She doesnt want a party.  Its difficult as her father and his mother and i dont get on.  I am not going to slag them off here but there is no way we would all go to a party well I would lets leave it there.

So this week I am going to the beach with my friend tomorrow, if it is nice, so will just need lunch.  Tuesday my friend is coming over for the day and we will just need some lunch.  Wednesday I plan to do a bit of housework and walk round from where I live at Baiter Park and perhaps sit there for a while with a book.  Thursday -  pay day whoop whoop. I am taking my step dad for an angiogram he is only 57 and the hospital think he has recently had a heart attack.  He has never ever been in hospital for himself so he is pretty anxious.  I refuse to be too sympathetic as it will make him worse.   I am staying the whole 5 hours just in case he needs me but I need to be strong for him! My sister thinks I am harsh!

The Friday my DH is off so we plan to go on a boat trip round Poole Harbour.  Saturday my sister is thirty and having a party am looking forward to it in the main but there is a little reason why I am a bit apprehensive but I am sure it will be great.  Then Sunday not sure what am doing then Monday back to the grindstone!..

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Pot of Money

About a year ago perhaps longer my husband taped up a coffee jar one of the large ones and made a cut in the lid for me to put coins in.  I havent put money into it as often as had intended as I also have two piggy banks one for 50ps and the other for 2.00 coins.  I then use these towards holidays.

However, at times I have managed to put a few coins in mainly pounds fifty twentys and tens.  I am thrilled to say its now getting to the top.  I have stopped putting the 50ps in the 50p pig and there are alo going in the jar.  I think I could have a hundred pound in it.

I know its naughty but I am going to treat myself to something with it.  I only hope I dont spend half and save the rest - I am always so good at saving my money I find it hard to spend.  I have no idea what to buy however, as I have everything I need bah humbug!!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Pound shop

Went into the pound shop today.  Not been in ages.  I got Simple Shower day for yep a pound, 200 mansize tissues a pound and two tins of Ambrosia Rice Pudding for a pound the latter were priced at 89p so I was well chuffed.  I know I can do better when foods are reduced but never seem to get to the Supermarkets at the right time these days.  I used to but the food was usually something like pain du chocolate.

I made a nice pasta sauce this evening enough I think for 8 and there is two of us, cost less than a pound to make.  OH made some home made pasta but think that came in at about £1.40 so it is cheaper to buy dried pasta but not as tasty let me tell you.  We had a lovely salad with it.