Monday, 30 May 2011

Dye it!

Every year I have to buy a new pair of black linen trousers from Next at the pair from the year before has faded, whilst my white ones go on and on.

I went to buy a pair and at £20.00 each I think they are a bargain as I wear them all the time when I briefly told my story to the cashier and she suggested dying my old pairs.  I have two pairs one my sister gave me last year and a pair I bought.

I bought some Dylon in Black and hooray back to black.  So next year I may save myself £20.00.  I know perhaps I neednt have bought the pair I did buy but as I say I live in them in the summer when not in shorts etc. 

I do not think I used the exact product above and I did have to add 500g of salt.  I should have also got rid of the scale in the WM as that was the only problem in relation to cleaning afterwards.  The recommend you run an empty wash afterwards.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hooray my Approved Food items have arrived!

I got a text as usual to say it would be here at a certain time and it was.  All safe and sound.

Such a big box and well packed:

And here is the contents all for just under £25.00 plus about £4.95 delivery.  We saved lots over £50. Some were luxuries namely the flapjacks and the sweets.  Only a couple of items out of date or close to date some have a long life.  So after all that I am very happy!!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Still no products from Approved food

So my order was due before 10 a.m.  At around 9.20 I received a text telling me my order would be ordered between about 2.40 and 3.40.  I called AF and they investigated.  DPD (the delivery company) said their system was down.  However, my order would be delivered by 10.30 as the courier had been re-routed.  So come 3.30 my order was delivered however, it was in a right state covered in pickled onion smell and the driver told me it was ruined.  He said he thought someone back in the delivery centre had slammed it down and the pickled onions had smashed and ruined my order.

I phoned AF they said they would re-arrange for a Tuesday delivery however she emailed me their contact details and they are not answering the phone and the emails are returned as no longer in use.

I have warned AF if there are any further problems this will the last time!!  I have emailed them to arrange delivery. I know so many people are satisfied, I dont think its AF its the delivery company!! I will update further in due course.

Thursday, 19 May 2011


We had so much fun.

We didnt win - here is team 1. I am the tall one, husband is the one with lack of hair next to me, the others are Michelle another family lawyer and Rob who owns a boat business and Laura a legal secretary at the firm I work at:

Here are Rob and Michelle posing:

 Oh here I am looking gormless:

Finally, the lovely Laura:

I havent been bowling for years.  We have three near us!!

It cost £10.00 for two games a meal and a drink.  We had such fun!  Most of us got a strike.  I got two in a row!

Approved Food Update

Oh dear not good so far. My order was meant to be delivered between 3 and 4 p.m. today.  It didnt turn up.  At around 5 p.m. I checked the status online and it says that receipient refused order. 

No I didnt, they delivered to the wrong address.  I do not know how.  In my view that is impossible.  I am assured it will be deliverd by tomorrow before 10 a.m.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Thyroid - quick update

Feeling better however progress is slow I get so tired.  You know I really feel it from 5 p.m.  Would be so easy to go off sick but I am determined to try not to let it beat me had.

Tomorrow night off out with my Legal Executives friend's bowling.  I havent been for ages £10 for two games and a meal.  To be honest I think thats good value but what I am really looking forward to is spending time with people that are kind and make me laugh.

Just hope I can stay awake!

Approved Food Order

At last I have taken the plunge and placed an order with Approved Food.  It has been suggested to me on several occasions.  I signed up to emails and today the bargains were just too tempting.  I spent £24.00 plus delivery for around £75.00 worth of items.  Yes some were luxuries but most were essentials.  Most were items we use all the time such a pickle and olive oil. Some items were close to BB date some past it and others no where near it.

I would have bought more as I hadnt reached the full capacity that I could have had for the delivery but to be honest I was "dipping my toe in" so to speak.  If the items are okay or some of them are then of course I can order those items again.  I did order 2 of most things but 4 and even 5 of others.

I thought it was really good that there are items that you can purchase which can help reduce the postage price.  Good if you need them anyway.

I arranged for them to be delivered to work as I am at work all day.  Work are usually okay about deliveries as long as there are not to many.  Its probably about the fourth I would have had in about ooh let me see over 8 years lol.  One girl does that in a week ha ha.

I will take a pic of my shopping and post it when received.

In the meantime, I would love to hear from others who have bought items from Approved Food who would tell me what their experiences are with regard to the delivery and the quality.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Thyroid problems . . . again

Not been blogging much lately.  I havent felt well for a while and to cut a long story short have an underactive thyroid, this is as a result of treatment for an overactive thyroid about 13 years ago.  It has been well controlled but not lately.  Anyway I feel really unwell.

G.P has upped my medication however, it will still take 6 weeks for me to feel better.  I have also had a sore throat for ages and I have been given medication for that. If it hasnt cleared up in 2 weeks I will be referred to ENT at the hospital.

I will try and blog more but to be honest its all I can do to get out of bed and go to work in the morning.  I do miss blogging.  See you soon.